Turramurra Toy Story 2021

On 30 November 2021 driver Hernan Vergara lead the charge from Matthew Talbot Hostel in Woolloomooloo to pick up the latest instalment of Toys from Turramurra.

Amazingly, since the turn of the century, Jenny-Ann Mayne and a group of dedicated volunteers from Turramurra have been purchasing and wrapping hundreds of Christmas gifts each year for children who are homeless or escaping homelessness.

On arrival at Matthew Talbot Hostel the gifts are sorted by other groups of volunteers into geographical areas. This year volunteers from the Paul Ramsay Foundation came into Matthew Talbot Hostel to help out with this task.

The final part of the toys journey is pick up by Vinnies support staff. Staff then distribute the gifts at Christmas Parties for those children who find themselves in Vinnies Crisis Accommodation services or who are living in Social and Affordable Housing throughout the greater Sydney Region.

Big thanks to all the ‘Secret Santas’ involved in adding a touch of Christmas magic to the lives of hundreds of kids this year!

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