Valuing Youth Strategy Circle Consolidation Day

On Saturday 26th November 2016, an enthusiastic group of members, volunteers and staff met for the third time to continue to work together, develop and try new initiatives they are passionate about in five key areas:

– Flexible conference models
– Welcoming initiatives and pathways
– Schools engagement
– Programs for children
– Collaboration and communication

The groups (which we call circle groups) have been working in new ways, with new people to:
– increase opportunities for people of all ages to fully contribute to the life and good works of the Society; and
– come up with innovative and sustainable actions to meet our Big Opportunity Statement: to make a real difference in breaking the cycle of disadvantage by giving people a hand up.

The circle groups were established in July this year and have since continued to work on developing and piloting exciting actions.

The circle groups will next meet in February 2017, when the Steering Group will be introduced into the strategy and a Project Promotions Team will be added early next year also.

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