Valuing Youth Welcoming Circle

The Welcoming and Pathways Circle members have been finely tuned to find effective ways to welcome people and ensure people are supported and developed from their first encounter with the Society.

The Circle has created a checklist to assist Centres, Conferences and Services welcome all new people to their new roles.

Welcoming Checklist

Here are some effective welcoming actions the Welcoming Circle members have come up with. What would you add? How can we encourage a more welcoming and hospitable culture across the state? Please leave your comments below.

1. In addition to being made to feel welcome, new people need knowledge to feel comfortable. E.g. Procedures, expectations, ‘hidden rules’, who they might encounter in their work, etc…
2. Having a ‘buddy’ is an effective way to help people gain confidence and capability in their role in Centres and Conferences. It may also be appropriate for new employees.
3. Most of our volunteer positions (including membership) require ‘on the job’ training and the manner and attitude of the people training the new person impacts the experience.
4. Be encouraging and affirming for people as they learn new tasks, roles and settle in.
5. Personally welcoming people on an individual basis is great for both the welcomer and the welcomed!
6. A ‘welcoming culture’ amongst the whole workplace is important.
7. It is helpful to for the group to remember what it was like for them when they were new, i.e. what they didn’t understand, how they felt when we didn’t know what was expected, who to ask, etc…

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