Vinnies Green Team “a breath of fresh air!”

Go Vinnies Green Team!

On an October Sunday afternoon in Wagga Wagga a group of high school students toiled away in the backyard of a person that Vinnies assists. The resident has lived in a social housing house for decades but his chronic illness has meant he cannot do any sort of gardening maintenance. He can’t even get into his backyard to play with his beloved dog.


It was therefore no surprise that his backyard had become a bit of a jungle. The students got stuck in, pulling weeds, pushing wheelbarrows, pruning and digging. They are part of a Vinnies school Green Team.


The resident now looks out the back door and keeps thanking the Green Team volunteers. When the students are finished, he will be able to throw the ball to his dog from the back steps. He said the clean up has been like a breath of fresh air!

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