Vinnies Values Youth

Valuing Youth is a program we are running to ensure we attract and utilise the potential of young people. It reflects of our Vincentian desire to break the cycle of disadvantage.

Participating members, volunteers and employees are working together, brainstorming, planning and then implementing new initiatives. They collaborate and support one another and come together every three months. There are four key areas–Conference Models, Schools Engagement, Welcoming and Pathways, and Communication and Collaboration.

“Already Valuing Youth initiatives have made a difference,” says Margarita Rivera, Valuing Youth project manager.

We will soon be rolling these out across the state:
• A Welcoming Checklist for new members, volunteers and employees
• A piloted flexible Conference model, focussing on migrant and refugees
• Use of an online communication tool
• A checklist of strategies to help engage with schools.

“As new initiatives continue to emerge, spreading the word about these will become more and more important,” says Margarita.

Does this Valuing Youth initiative sound interesting to you? Would you like to know more? Contact Margarita on 0413 019 926 or

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