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“With Gratitude and Affection, Mary”


Recently, the Today Show and IGA reached out to Vinnies to connect with five households doing it tough during
COVID-19, who would appreciate some extra support. Providing an esky full of food and household essentials to
people we support in Sydney’s inner-west, IGA generously included a $500 gift card to each house.

Recently we received a hand-written letter, directed to Donna Boyd, our Client Support Officer in Rozelle. One
of the recipients, Mary, penned this note to show her appreciation to Donna, for this and all the support she has
provided over the years.

Dear Donna,

Thank you for nominating me for the Vinnies/IGA promotion. It was an honour and a pleasure for me to be able
to do something for all the wonderful support I have received over the last 5 years from Vinnies, and in
particular you.  When I was in crisis, I turned to you and received unstinting support, not only practically but
emotionally and psychologically, and also since then, through difficult moments I have had.  It is such a comfort
to know I have someone I can turn to when I need to.  With heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you personally
and also the wonderful organisation you represent.

With gratitude and affection, Mary


Donna helps those who come to us on a daily basis, as a point of contact for those
we assist, she is there for vulnerable people in the community when they need
help most. Taking the time to listen and find out how best we can support them,
Donna provides reassurance and comfort, connecting people with their local
conference, and referring them to our services where they need specialised support.


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