• The first National Congress of the St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia for over 60 years, provided a unique opportunity for Society members to reaffirm our core purpose and to collectively imagine a renewed and reinvigorated future for the Society. ...Read More

  • After months of campaigning the Society’s affordable housing petition was formally tabled and discussed by Members of Parliament. ...Read More

  • Last month over 150 people attended our 6th annual Rosalie Rendu Forum. Emeritus Professor Gillian Triggs discussed ‘people seeking asylum in our communities – a human rights perspective’ and how charities such as Vinnies are at the forefront of providing relief. ...Read More

Find about the issues that the people we assist are facing and how you can help to make a more compassionate and just society.
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CONGRATULATIONS to Kathleen Thickitt, Julia Torrisi and the Sydney Archdiocese Central Council for a wonderful engagement piece in The Catholic Weekly.
As you can see the article brings to life the inspiring stories of our members, and invites people to join the Society. This acts as an encouragement for all of us to promote the Society and think about innovative recruitment options.
If you would like to plan something for your local area, the Engagement & Support Team are always happy to help! For any assistance, please contact Engagement Advisor Dom Bondar on (02) 9568 0255 or dom.bondar@vinnies.org.au.
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