Here you can find policies that are relevant to members and volunteers:

Volunteer Policy
Sets out the parameters for volunteers’ involvement in the Society of NSW.

Volunteer Reimbursement Policy
Describes the procedure to reimburse pre-approved out of pocket expenses for volunteers.

NEW Recognition of Service Badges and Certificates Procedure
The purpose of the Recognition of Service Badges and Certificates Procedure document is to inform members, volunteers and staff of the ways by which the Society recognises individual contribution of its members and volunteers the steps to request Badges and Certificates of Service for members and volunteers.

Code of Conduct for Members, Volunteers and Employees and Code of Conduct Booklet
The Code of Conduct has been established to help the Society facilitate a performance and behaviour based culture, which is consistent with our Vision, Mission and Values.

Social Media Policy National
Guides employees, volunteers and members engaging in social media on behalf of the Society

NEW Life Member Application Form 2015
As a guide, a minimum period of 20 years conference/activity service is required for Life Membership to be granted. State Council will consider applications where this period of service has not been achieved if the member has made a significant contribution to the Society though their conference/activity service.

Critical Incident Policy and Procedures
Ensures that the Society has an effective approach in responding to critical incidents; appropriate support available to those affected; and appropriate training and information provided to members, volunteers and staff.

Conflict of Interest Policy
Deals with any conflict of interest issues (both of a monetary and nonmonetary nature) which may arise involving members, volunteers and / or employees)

Engaging with Government Policy and Procedure
This policy is limited to those occasions where a member, volunteer or employee can be assumed to be acting as a representative of the Society. Elected representatives including all those in opposition. Government officials include all public servants employed in any capacity by government at any level-Commonwealth, State or Local Government.

Media Policy & Procedures
A media policy is necessary to ensure that the Society uses the media in a consistent, timely and advantageous way.

National Privacy Policy and Privacy Brochure
Sets out the principles that the Society has adopted in relation to the protection and handling of personal information.

Police Check Policy 2014 and Police Check Procedure 2014
Outlines the background information and the process to conduct Police Checks for employees, members and volunteers of the Society.

SVDP The Rule 2012

Members and Volunteers Grievance Policy and Procedures for the Members and Volunteers Grievance Policy
Provides a clear system to investigate and resolve workplace related issues for members and volunteers.

Youth and Young Adult Policy
It emphasises the importance of all Society people to include, value and support youth and young adults.

NEW Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy and Procedure
The Society has developed a clear, accountable and transparent Policy and Procedures to ensure that it complies with relevant legislation and that children and young people who come into contact with the Society are kept safe and supported.

Work Health and Safety Policy Statement 2014
Outlines the Society’s commitment to safe and healthy working environment and culture for all.

Risk Management Policy
Stances the parameters for effective risk management in the Society as a whole.

Managing Fraud and Dishonesty Policy
Details the Society’s commitment to the prevention and detection of fraud and dishonesty against the Society by any person. Applies to all Society members, volunteers and employees and outlines how to proceed in cases of fraud, dishonest behavior, theft and serious waste of Society money and resources.

‘Speaking up’ and Whistleblower Policy and Procedures
This policy complements rather than displaces reporting arrangements for workplace grievances, discrimination, harassment, bullying or managing fraud and dishonest behaviour as well as normal communication channels between individuals, managers and supervisors to address questions, concerns, suggestions and complaints.

Complaint Handling Policy and Procedures
Sets out the parameters to handing complaints from clients or anyone receiving services from the Society, organisations, supplier or business partner supplying good or services to the Society, and anyone who donates money, good or services to the Society.

Budget Counselling Policy
Outlines the Budget Counseling Program.

Centres Policy and Operations Manual
Supports and guides Centre Management to improve and maintain standards in all centres.

National Overseas Development Council Policy and Procedures
It is a manual with information around Twinning, Projects and Assist a Student all programs part of the NODC. There are positions descriptions, terms of references, procedures etc.

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