The Youth Team consists of our staff across NSW who develop and support our Vinnies Youth members and volunteers. Generally this means the members and volunteers who are aged up to about 35 years.

As this covers a wide range of people who are at very different stages in their lives, we break ‘Youth’ down into three key areas:

For more information and resources for any of these groups, please see the links on the right hand side of this page.

The work of of these groups involves:

Formation – retreats, reflections, workshops
Training – in Vinnies, for our Works, about issues
School support – High Schools and Mini Vinnies
Fundraising – schools, events, Assist a Student, for our works
Education / awareness raising – on issues of Social Justice, young people are passionate about this!
Youth Works
Kids Camps
Buddies Days
Teen Camps and Buddies Days
Gardening programs (Green Team)
Refugee Family Camps
Detention Centre Visitation

An important note is that while Youth does run programs or works, there are lots of Youth volunteers and members who are involved in other areas of the Society and do not necessarily fall under our Youth programs. For example there are lots of young adults currently volunteering with Night Patrol and SPARK.