Assist A Student

Assist A Student: how the Society helps students overseas

Assist A Student is one of the Overseas Partnerships programs through which our NSW conferences have an international impact. Assist A Student supports children from disadvantaged backgrounds, alongside other Overseas Partnership programs, such as Twinning and Emergency Relief.

Thanks to supporters in Australia, Assist A Student provides $100 AUD (or equivalent) towards supporting the educational requirements of students in need selected by our overseas partner Superior Councils. 

Assist A Student has supported thousands of students in recent years, with 1,450 students supported in 2022. Assist A Student supported 1,620 students in the 2023 financial year, with 270 students in Cambodia, 380 in Indonesia, 100 in Kiribati, 370 in the Philippines, 200 in Sri Lanka and 260 in Thailand. 

With more donations, even more students can be supported in 2024. 

Meet the Students: Sam, Jean and Allan

See below for feedback from some students who have received support for their educational needs via the program. *Names have been changed for privacy purposes. 

Sam from Thailand is seven years old and lives with his grandmother. Sam is in Primary school and is studying Maths, Music, Art, English and Science. His favourite subject is Art. Assist A Student funds assisted Sam with school fees, travel, school bag, shoes, socks, pens, pencils, and meals. 

Jean from the Philippines is 19 years old, in her second year at university studying Science, Technology, Language and Culture. Jean lives with her parents and hopes to become a teacher and a member of the St Vincent de Paul Society for life. Assist A Student funding assisted Jean with the purchase of books, school fees, school supplies and internet fees. Jean is very grateful for the support of Assist A Student donors. 

Allan from the Philippines is 15 years old and lives with his adoptive family. His mother passed away when he was 10 and his adoptive family takes good care of him. Allan is in Grade 8 in High School with English being his favourite subject. Allan also studies Maths, Science, Religion and History. Assist A Student funds supported the cost of Allan’s uniform, school fees and travel to school. Allan is very appreciative of the Assist A Student funding.

To donate online to Assist A Student, visit: For more information please contact

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