Each day across Australia more than 20,000 Society members continue to visit people in their homes so that the Society can provide the best possible assistance. Members assist people in a number of ways including providing people with referral information, advocacy, food or food vouchers, clothing, furniture, budget support, assistance with utility bills or back to school costs.

Our members, who come from diverse backgrounds, experiences and beliefs, bring a great depth of understanding, expertise and compassion to their service and involvement in the Society.

“No work of charity is foreign to the Society”

Dependent on local need, members have the opportunity to be involved in a range of services, including home visitation and:

  • Education, training and supported employment opportunities
  • Homeless services
  • Disaster relief
  • Mobile and fixed meal services
  • Migrant and refugee services
  • Housing support and emergency accommodation
  • Mentoring and social support programs
  • Advocacy
  • Youth programs – including family, teen, kids, and young carers camps, ‘Buddies Days’, mentoring programs, tutoring and homework clubs, and much more
  • Budget counselling
  • Material assistance; and
  • Much more.

“The poor have much to teach you. You have much to learn from them.” – St Vincent de Paul

Members also meet regularly to share their experiences, reflect on their service, and monitor and discuss local needs. The Society’s founder, Blessed Frederic Ozanam, believed strongly that for each act of service to be a true expression of faith and love, members must come together in prayer, to explore and grow their personal and Vincentian spirituality.


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