Spiritual Advisor Handbook

The Spiritual Adviser Handbook is for all members. It was created as a resource for spiritual advisers, but in actuality the Handbook explores topics of interest to all members. You will find stories, background information, useful tools and step by step practices for growing our faith and service as individuals and as a community.

Download all 3 resources here:

Spiritual Adviser Handbook 

Spiritual Adviser Appendix

Spiritual Adviser Workbook

Conference Spiritual Adviser Position Description

About the Spiritual Adviser Handbook

The Spiritual Adviser plays a key role in the life of the Conference and yet many members feel inadequate or ill prepared to take on the role.

The Spiritual Adviser Handbook provides a wealth of information and practical aids to facilitate Vincentian practice in all aspects of Conference life.  It is available for any member who would like a copy. In addition to the Handbook, there is a Workbook to reflect upon the reading and deepen your understandings and an Appendix with additional resources. We encourage readers to utilise the questions in the Workbook as they explore the Handbook.

This Handbook is one of several initiatives of the NSW Spirituality Committee’s Facilitating Faith in Action program. This program provides training and formation resources to build confidence, skills, and understanding for members who provide spiritual leadership to their Conference or Council. 

Some comments from members about the Handbook:

  • The Handbook is thought provoking and inspirational. I am in awe of the professionalism and depth of material.
  • It provides a wealth of information, instruction, and reflections. It links us back to our foundations, while providing us with guidance for the present. I like it very much.
  • The Spiritual Adviser Handbook is well planned, comprehensive, and compact.
  • It is easy to read in ‘small chunks’ and the questions in the Workbook helped me clarify my thoughts and experiences. There is so much excellent material.


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