Cultural Competency Framework

A Cultural Competency Framework is a structured approach that promotes understanding and respect for diverse cultures. It provides guidelines for individuals and organizations to effectively navigate cross-cultural interactions, fostering inclusivity and reducing bias. This framework is essential for building stronger relationships and promoting equity in an increasingly diverse world.


Cultural Protocols 


These Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander protocols aim to provide the St Vincent de Paul Society NSW (the Society) with a central document to guide policy development, interactions and communication. They are designed to assist our members, staff and volunteers to work in ways that respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and practices. We hope that the reflection of these protocols will pave the way for improved working relationships between the organisation and its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander partners, and consequently assist in shaping a more just and compassionate society. 

Cultural protocols describe the historical and current customs, tradition and accepted codes of behaviour of a specific cultural group. These protocols are present in all cultures and are an important part of 
ensuring people interact and conduct their behaviour in an appropriate and respectful manner.As in every culture, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander principles and practices are dynamic and change over time. Additionally, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people come from different Nations, each of which have unique cultural perspectives and traditions. Therefore, the protocols described in this document may also change and should be considered within, and adapted to, their local context. Ongoing consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representatives is essential to ensure that appropriate protocols are reflected in all our work at St Vincent de Paul Society NSW.

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