Mini Vinnies Prayer Book

Mini Vinnies Prayer Book

“Mini Vinnies” is a St Vincent de Paul group in primary school. It is a group of young people who get together to organise and talk about helping others in need within their school, local community and beyond.

The Little Book of Prayers is a compilation of prayers and pictures created by our Mini Vinnies Conference members. Thank you to all the young Vincentians who contributed to this amazing book and the teachers who support Mini Vinnies across the state.

Click here to see the the Mini Vinnies Little Book of Prayers

Below is one of the prayers from the book that encourages us to give thanks in all things!

A Prayer of Thanks

Thank you God for making me!

Thank you for my family.

Thank you for all the shining stars

and for all the planets such as Mars.

Thank you for all creation

for shaping all the nations.

Thank you for my smiles and tears

and also for my encouraging peers.

Thank you for all the yummy food

that gives me my cheerful mood.

Thank you for all the art and craft

Thank you for the moments when I laugh.

Thank you for all the things we love

for all the birds, such as doves.

Thank you for all your care

Thank you for hugs as tight as bears.

Thank you for our education

that we share across the nation.

Thank you for our world

that you allowed to unfurl.


By Maeve, Charli, Thomas, Bailey and Rhiannon, Our Lady of Annunciation Primary School, Pagewood

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