Conference Presidents Induction and Toolkit

Congratulations on becoming a Conference President. As a new President, there are many things you need to learn about the Society and where you fit into it. This induction has been designed to give you an overview of the different aspects of the Society and the work we do.

 The Induction

Conference Presidents perform a vital function within the Society. They are examples for other members and their leadership should reflect the values of the Society and steer membership towards meeting the Society's strategic aims.

The Conference President’s Induction was created to help new Conference Presidents develop a better understanding of:

  • The organisation they are part of
  • Where they fit within that organisation, and
  • How to set goals for themselves in their new role.

The induction workshop material includes a set of PowerPoint slides, and an accompanying learner handbook with discussion questions and follow-up exercises. Participants are expected to work through exercises in their own time, prioritising those that resonate with them or that are relevant to the local communities they work in. Each participant will have an individual learning experience.

The material can be facilitated by a Regional President or someone nominated by the Regional President, or by the Member Learning Needs Coordinator.

Conference Presidents Toolkit

Besides the Induction material, there is a Toolkit resource that contains guidelines that cover the administrative aspects of their new roles. This toolkit can be used by existing Conference Presidents, as well as new ones. However, we recommend Regional Presidents present the toolkit to new Conference Presidents as part of their induction process.

We encourage all new and existing Conference Presidents to participate in this training.

Enquiries about the New Conference Presidents’ Induction Workshop: ; and Enquiries about the Conference Presidents’ Resource Toolkit: 

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