Our Child Safe Organisation
  • Child Safe Recruitment and Screening: The Society is committed to undergoing screening of members, volunteers, and employees through Safeguarding procedures such as National Police Checks, Working with Children Checks, interview, 2 reference checks, training, and support. See here for information and guidelines for these procedures.

  • Culture and Conduct: All Society Members, Volunteers, and Employees are expected to conduct themselves in line with the Society’s Code of Conduct and Child Safe Behaviours.

  • Education and training: The Society is committed to ensuring all Society personnel have an awareness and understanding of how to identify and respond when there are concerns for child/ young person’s safety and well-being. This is supported through training such as the compulsory Child Safe Familiarisation Training, which includes information on what to look for, and how to respond if someone discloses information about concerns; and how to access on-going support through 1800 4SUPPORT.

  • Identify and Respond to concerns for children and young people: All Society members, volunteers, and employees are responsible for playing their role in keeping children and young people safe by identifying and responding to concerns. The Society’s Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy states that members and volunteers are to report these concerns internally to 1800 4SUPPORT via phone 1800 747 776 or childprotection@vinnies.org.au. Outside of 1800 4SUPPORT business hours (Mon- Fri 9-4 pm), reports must be made direct to the Child Protection Helpline 132 111, and to your line manager for follow up.
    Employees who are Mandatory Reporters (under NSW Legislation) have additional responsibilities and training relating to child protection.

  • Managing Risk: All members, volunteers, and staff play a role in managing risk and child safety in both physical and online environments. All services and programs must have a risk assessment in place which protects the people we serve and our personnel. For more information about child-related risks, please see Child Safe Risk Management guidelines.


Vinnies Safeguarding Team

For information, advice, or to report concerns contact:
Phone: 1800 4SUPPORT (1800 478 776)(Mon - Fri 9am - 4pm)
Email: childprotection@vinnies.org.au
Phone Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ, or previously known as ‘FaCS’)
Helpline on 132 111
(available 24 hours/ 7 days)
If outside business hours, contact DCJ directly and inform 1800 4SUPPORT as soon as practically possible

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