Domestic & Family Violence Financial Assistance

Domestic & Family Violence Financial Assistance 

Centrelink Crisis Payment 

  • one off payment if you have experienced extreme circumstances 

  • equalivant to 1 week of base benefit (ie. Parenting payment, job seeker payment etc) 



  • experienced an incident of domestic/family violence and have left your home OR the person responsible has left the home or been removed 

  • eligible for, or receiving a Centrelink benefit 

  • be in severe financial hardship 

  • be in Australia when the incident occurred, and when you are making the claim

  • make contact within 7 days of your living arrangements changing (begin a claim via Centrelink online; call via regular payment line; visit a service centre) 

  • claim must be submitted in 14 days after contact is made 


How to apply – click on the link below: 

Escaping Violence Payment – up to $5000 of support 

Financial assistance available to women and children leaving a violent relationship. 


  • Experiencing intimate partner violence  

  • Have had a change in living situation 

  • Experiencing financial stress 


Support provided

  • Financial assistance for essential items (vouchers) 

  • Goods and services (removalist, bond, basics for new home) 

  • Wrap-around support including safe and confidential services  


How to apply – click on the link below: 

RedCross Payment – up to $5000 payment if eligible 

Financial support provided to those who are on temporary visa’s living in Australia.  


  • must be on temporary visa, or with uncertain visa status and are living in Australia 

  • experiencing domestic or family violence 

  • experiencing financial hardship 


Eligibility checker

Support provided

  • up to $5000 payment 

  • referral to specialist DFV agency or other services 

  • support coordination up to 3 months 


How to apply – click on the link below

Victim Services – Up to $5000, Counselling and Recognition Payment if eligible


Support provided to people who have been impacted by a violent crime in NSW, including domestic and family violence.



  • available to anyone who has experienced an act of violence in NSW

  • evidence must be provided to establish an offence was committed (i.e. Police reports, Government and Non-Government agency supporting documentation) 

  • Crime was committed in NSW 


Support provided: 

  • Counselling

    • 22 hours counselling 

    • No time limit on applying after incident  

    • Apply via application for support 


  • Financial Support – Immediate Needs Support Package (INSP) 

    • People requiring urgent financial assistance to be safe and healthy, or to secure their wellbeing due to a violent crime 

    • Up to $5000 

    • Applications must be lodged within 2 years of the incident 

How to apply – click on the link below: 

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