Member Engagement with Amelia Housing residents in Merrylands

Member Engagement with Amelia Housing residents in Merrylands

Conference member engagement with Amelie Housing residents has steadily grown in 2023. Social and Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF) units at Merrylands are one of the newest places where connections are being made. The project’s purpose is to for Members to engage with tenants in locally lead social activities that help build safe connected communities. The morning teas that are held monthly at Merrylands Amelie Housing have provided a very welcome opportunity for residents to meet their neighbours and feel more at home and safe where they live. 

With similar aspirations, Janice Stokes and Earnest Henry from the Member and Community Engagement team issued the invitation to members from Conferences in the local Cumberland region. Peter Carnachan, the Tailored Support Coordinator for the Merrylands units, promoted the event with the residents and the response was excellent.  

Two gatherings at the BBQ area on the property, with the Vinnies Van nearby serving coffee and tea, were held in August and October. Residents appreciated the time to get to know their neighbours and chat with Members.

Morning tea, sunshine, and lots of smiles and conversation were highlights of the events with about 20 residents joining. The weather was very inviting and so was the company!

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