Policy Update: Enhancing MAVs’ Commitment to Excellence

In our unwavering commitment to providing the most current and relevant information to our members and volunteers, the MAVs website has undergone a comprehensive policy content review from September 2023 to the end of January 2024. 

As part of this initiative, several outdated policies have been rescinded, making way for updated and refined versions. The primary goal is to ensure that everyone associated with MAVs is equipped with the latest and most accurate guidelines. Recognising that policy refinement is an ongoing process, we encourage all stakeholders to stay vigilant and regularly check the website for continuous updates throughout the year. 

The policies and guidelines that have recently undergone review and updates include: 

  1. Cash Handling 
  2. Credit Card
  3. Diversity & Inclusion 
  4. Gifts and Entertainment 
  5. Internal Grievance Policy (accompanied by a new lodgement form) 
  6. Managing Fraud and Dishonest Behaviour (now condensed into a concise 1-page summary)
  7. Medication Policy 
  8. Member Financial Delegation Schedule 
  9. Member Guidelines for Non-Compliance with Safeguarding Checks 
  10. Motor Vehicle 
  11. Pandemic Policy 
  12. Store Cards 
  13. Trauma-Informed Care Policy 
  14. Whistleblower Policy

These updates reflect MAVs’ dedication to maintaining a high standard of governance and operational excellence. By revising and enhancing these policies, we aim to create a safer, more inclusive, and well-informed environment for all members of our community. 

We appreciate your continued support and diligence in staying informed about these crucial policies, as we collectively strive for the betterment of MAVs and the communities we serve.

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