Safety and Wellbeing Matters (1)

As a Vinnies Volunteer, being aware of safety procedures and prioritising your wellbeing is important. Regularly visit the MAVS Safety and Wellbeing Resources for essential information to fulfill your safety responsibilities.

Be prepared and know how to respond in an emergency

Familiarise yourself with our standard emergency procedures. Emergencies can happen anytime, so be ready to respond independently, particularly when working alone or after-hours.

Call Triple Zero (000) if:

  • Someone needs urgent medical help.
  • You or the property are in danger.
  • You witness a serious accident or crime.

Standard emergency response

  1. Warn anyone in immediate danger
  2. Alert others and raise the alarm
  3. Contain or manage the situation – if safe
  4. Evacuate yourself and others – out of immediate danger to a safe place.

Review the Emergency Response Poster

First Aid procedure

Call triple zero (000) if you or someone else is seriously injured or in need of urgent medical help.

If you need first aid:

  • Treat yourself using the local first aid kit
  • Contact your local first aider.

Refer to the ‘Who to Call’ poster on your noticeboard that provides local emergency contacts and first aiders.

If the situation is more serious you may also need to:

  • Attend your local emergency department.
  • Call or visit your general practitioner.

First Aid kits are generally located in easy to access areas across Vinnies.

Look for this symbol.

Look out for trip hazards! 

Slips, trips, and falls are one of our most frequent causes of injury.

Be aware of:

  • Uneven surfaces, wet floors and obstructions.
  • Low visibility due to carrying large loads or inadequate lighting.
  • Distractions from mobile devices and rushing.
  • Unsafe ladder use.

It’s important to be alert of your surroundings and take action:

  • Keep walkways clear.
  • Keep things off the ground.
  • Clean up spills and use warning signage.
  • Use handrails when using stairs.
  • Stop moving when using your phone.
  • Use an Australian Standard compliant platform ladder.

If you see a trip hazard, don’t ignore it. Fix it if it’s safe to do so. Otherwise report it to your Volunteer Manager, or use the online hazard reporting form.

Prioritise your wellbeing!

Often we check on those around us but neglect ourselves. Checking in with yourself means taking time each day to ask yourself how you’re doing, assess your needs, and plan to move forward.

Take a moment to explore and take advantage of the resources available to you:

  • Discover your wellbeing score – take the 5-minute wellbeing quiz to see how you’re doing!
  • Explore our Wellbeing resources on the MAVS website
  • Schedule a confidential EAP chat to discuss any concerns, ph: 1300 687 327.

Your wellbeing matters! If you need additional support, please reach out to your Volunteer Manager.

Together, we can make Vinnies a safe and supportive workplace for everyone!

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