Volunteering Safely

Volunteering Safely

At the Society, we’re grateful for the incredible good works and valuable contributions you make to those who need it most in our community. We want to ensure you have the right information and resources to volunteer safely with confidence. 

With the recent launch of the new MV Portal and MAVS Website, a one-stop shop for important resources for you, a key feature is the online Safety Induction Module. This module equips you with essential information on our safety approach and processes to keep you safe.  

To access the Safety Induction Module, simply login to the MV Portal. On your dashboard, look for the ‘My Training’ section. The Safety Induction Module will be listed. Click “Start” to begin (estimated time to complete: 30mins). 

Your safety and the safety of those you interact with are important. We are currently reviewing our Visitation Guidelines to ensure best practices and procedures for conducting visits and handling any unforeseen situations. We will share the updated Visitation Guidelines and Procedures through the MV Portal (via MAVS Website) for easy access. Please reach out to your Conference President, Regional Director or Volunteer Manager if you have questions about the Guidelines. 

In addition to our online resources, we ask you to continue talking safety by placing safety on the agenda at upcoming Member meetings. These discussions will provide an open forum to ask questions, share experiences and raise any safety concerns you may have. 

Thank you for your commitment to safety and continued good works! 

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