Work commences on Records Management Program

Work commences on Records Management Program 

The Society holds significant data and records in locations across NSW.   

As we work to improve our compliance with privacy laws, it is important to ensure important records are not destroyed. We are therefore asking for your assistance and support as we commence work on a state-wide privacy and records management program.  

We want to be able to centralise key records that may be of historical and/or legal significance.  

To this end, we ask that the following record types be sent to Charles O’Neill House, the State Support Office, Lewisham:   

  • All records relating to children’s programs  

  • Records relating to incidents and complaints    

  • Personnel records 

Once received, these records will be sorted and retained as appropriate. 

Please ensure client records are secured safely on Society premises. Please ensure that prior to destroying any records, that confirmation is sought about their destruction from so we can ensure appropriate approvals and record-keeping. You will be provided with a spreadsheet to assist with this. 

More information will be available in due course and your Central Council Presidents can provide guidance.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact 


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