COVID-19 Response

1. Conference Opening Protocols and Toolkit

Regional Presidents have been given the authority to prioritise the inspection and opening of sites using the toolkit provided.

Any site wishing to open but having difficulties meeting the 4 sq.m density rule or the 1.5m spacing are encouraged to look at alternative spaces.

2. Assisting people during the pandemic – 3 July

03/07  This document has been prepared to give members, staff and volunteers of the St Vincent de Paul Society NSW an overview of the supports and assistance available to the people we assist during the COVID-19 pandemic.


3. Provision of food assistance during the pandemic

20/04  The St Vincent de Paul Society NSW (the Society) has faced some challenges in providing ongoing food assistance because of changes to service delivery necessitated by government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and because of changes to the availability of some food items.


4.  Member Nomination Form – Online Support Model

We seek the assistance of Members who may wish to support the online client support model either as part of the client assistance team or client assessment team (including EAPA assessment).  In addition, Members may wish to participate in testing the online system to ensure it is fit for purpose.

5. COVIDSafe preparation for Retail Stores and Conferences

Conference COVIDSafe Video

Retail Store COVIDSafe Video

6. Vinnies Shops Re-Opening

We have begun the process of re-opening our Vinnies shops across NSW. Check out your local shops here.

7. Active Clothing Bins for Donation Drop-Off


8.  COVID-19 Infection Control Advice for Conferences

20/04  Conference Food Assistance – COVID19 Infection control guideline


9. Advice on Household Energy Usage During the Pandemic

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