How the Community Fundraising and Events Team can help your Conference fundraise


COVID-19 is heavily impacting communities and families in NSW and the need for assistance has never been greater.

The Community Fundraising and Events Team is available to assist you and your Conference so you can continue to raise funds and assist those in your local community.

Please see below some ways in which we can work together.


1.  Albert Terminal Bookings

If your conference is keen to explore using Albert Terminals (a small EFTPOS machine that will allow conferences to take donations via credit card) for the 2021 Christmas Appeal at your Parish then please:

  1. Register your interest via email by Friday 8th October 2021 to
  2. Speak with your church and get 1 and/or 2 weekends held for this activity.


2.  Shopping Centre Collections with Albert Terminals / Buckets

If your conference would like to undertake some local fundraising by collecting donations outside of all local Coles, Woolworths and Shopping Centres in your area, please approach them for approval now.

Using Albert Terminals in this way will allow members to collect donations towards the 2021 Christmas Appeal from shoppers and passing traffic.

If your conference would like to explore this activity in your area, please contact


3.  Personalised Conference Online Fundraising Page

We have our Community Fundraising Website for all School and Community Fundraising activity within NSW. For those of you who are yet to use it, please take a look here:

This portal allows for us to create personalised fundraising pages for all Community and School Fundraising state-wide.

Also take a look at the fundraising page that we created for the Oyster Bay Conference, this shows you an example of what we can do:

If your conference would like your own fundraising page created to assist in your efforts around the 2021 Christmas Appeal (or any other activity), please get in touch via

These links give your conference a personalised alternative to the general Christmas Appeal link. It will reflect your own activity (the sky’s the limit!), your own funds raised and serve as a great tool to include in all parish and conference communications online and via email (to local businesses, family and friends also).


4.  School Sleepouts, Community Sleepouts or Fundraise Your Way Initiatives 

When a school, business or community group registers their fundraising activity on this site, they can nominate your conference as the recipient of their funds.


5.  NSW Vinnies Community Sleepouts 

The NSW Vinnies Community Sleepout will be held in 2022.  It is a great opportunity for members of the community to come together in a state-wide effort to raise important funds and awareness for those in our local community who need it the most.

More information will be updated throughout the year!


6.   Is there something else that I have not mentioned above?

Please do not hesitate to email Caroline Casse, Community Fundraising and Events Coordinator via if there is a fundraising activity that you need help with that is not mentioned above.

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