The Training and Development Team delivers learning opportunities for members and volunteers to build capacity and advance the Society’s work. The team is able to provide advice, support and resources in the following areas:

– Training and development sessions for members and volunteers
– Information about available training and development programs
– Development Events (Festival Days, Spirituality and Formation Days)
– Resources and materials to support local training initiatives and training facilitators
– Conference Visitation Toolkit
– Unlocking Leadership Potential

Vinnies Learning Centre

Want to hone your skills? Develop some techniques for managing people or stress? Learn how to use Teams? Solve an ethical dilemma? Then you’re in the right place.

As well as providing essential training modules (for compliance purposes), the Vinnies Learning Centre gives you access to a rich and comprehensive resource library.

There are tools there to expand your skillset while taking care of your mental health.

If you haven’t yet received access to the Vinnies Learning Centre, you can request one by sending your request to

Reporting Information

From DePaul University

What’s Changing About Leadership in Changing Times

Leadership and the Brain


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