Are you interested in issues of social justice? Do you want to do something to make a difference in the world?

Our inspiring young members and volunteers around Australia (5-35) are making a difference within their local community. In 1833, Vinnies was founded by 20 years old University student Frederic Ozanam and a group of his friends. Today, Frederics’ passion for social justice is continued by the thousands of members and volunteers across the nation!

There are a variety of ways for young people to make a difference. Mini Vinnies (Primary School aged groups) High School and Young Adult Conferences provide opportunities for young people to learn more about social justice issues and develop their leadership skills while making a positive difference within their community.

If you are 14 years of age and over you can also volunteer on our programs. Our department coordinates programs for kids and teenagers including activity days and camps. Our young adult volunteers are also involved in gardening programs, homework help programs and other activities across NSW.

Click here for the Schools and Youth website. This site offers information specific to schools and youth communities in NSW.

An important note is that while Youth does run programs or works, there are lots of Youth volunteers and members who are involved in other areas of the Society and do not necessarily fall under our Youth programs. For example there are lots of young adults currently volunteering with Night Patrol and SPARK.

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