Vinnies Youth covers all of our Members and Volunteers aged 5-35 yrs, including our school groups, youth conferences and uni groups! Our inspiring young members and volunteers are making a difference in their local communities, all over Australia.

Some of the ways that young people are involved are through groups or ‘Conferences’ for their age group, such as our school-based Conferences (Mini Vinnies for primary schools, and High School conferences secondary schools) and university-based Conferences.

These groups run initiatives from Buddies Days, to trivia fundraisers, to homework help for kids with a refugee background.

Others young adults are leading the next generation into home-visitation, through joining their local, traditional conferences, and others still have joined up with their local Vinnies services such as the Night Patrol or Vinnies Van, and Mathew Talbot hostel.

In fact there’s so much going on for Schools and Young People in Vinnies, we’ve actually got our very own website!

Check it out here to find out more

Here you can find Resources for teachers and anyone wanting to teach kids about social justice.

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