'Levelled Up' Conference Empowers Vinnies Youth Leaders

National Vinnies Youth Training Conference 'Levelled Up' gathered enthusiastic leaders from NSW to discuss advocacy, team building, and community engagement.

Over the weekend, the National Vinnies Youth Training Conference, “Levelled Up” was held. NSW had 11 incredibly enthusiastic Youth leaders attend from across the state. This included our Vice President – Youth, Youth Reps, Youth Presidents and emerging leaders. Delegates of the conference got to hear from Kate Munro (CEO, Youth Action), Toby O’Connor (CEO, National Council), Mark Gaetani (National President), Patrick Wallis (National Vice President – Youth) and many other wonderful speakers. Key topics of the weekend included: building a vibrant youth community, effective advocacy, team building, succession planning, leading successful meetings and more. Thank you to Vinnies National Council, the Spirit of Youth Committee and the Vinnies Youth leaders, who are the future present of the Society, for a fantastic weekend!

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