Member Leaders’ Forum – Activate Youth Forum

In November 2023, youth, young adult, and adult member leaders from around NSW gathered in Sydney for a state-wide member leader event. The theme for the event was ‘Living out the Society’s Mission’.  

On day one, the Member Leaders’ Forum began with a Spiritual Reflection by Kate Scholl (Volunteer – Mission and Formation), based on the poem, ‘Slow Me Down, Lord’ by the Australian, Noel Davis. Leo Tucker, (Executive Director – Mission and Formation and Spiritual Advisor – NSW State Council), then delivered the keynote address, which was titled ‘Contemporary Expressions of the Society’s Mission: Excel, Grow and Cultivate’. Leo applied three gospel parables to explain the mission of the Society in a contemporary world and spoke of the relevance to the mission of the Society of Vatican II and ‘aggiornamento’ (Eng: update, revise or renew), the vision of Pope John XXIII. 

The Activate Youth Forum learned about different ways the Society’s mission can be lived out through action. The Activate Keynote presentation was delivered by Josie Charbel (Manager, Vinnies’ Vans). Josie spoke about the rising cost of living and how the work of members and volunteers provides a hand-up to hundreds of the working poor and people experiencing homelessness on any given night.  

On day two, Corinne Lindsell (Mission, Spirituality and Pastoral Care Partner – Metro) delivered a presentation on the mission and legacy of the Society. All member leaders were given an opportunity to attend a range of practically oriented and skills-based workshops. Topics included ‘Advocacy and Engaging with MPs’, ‘Member Promotion and Recruitment’ and ‘Cultivating Local Networks’.  

Members who were unable to attend the forum can access resources used or produced at the two-day event using the following links: 

Presenter Slides 

  1. Member Leaders Forum Day 1 Slides.
  2. Activate Youth Leaders’ Forum Day 1 Slides.
  3. Member Leaders’ Forum-Activate Youth Forum Day 2 Slides.


  1. Reflection and Keynote
  2. Congress Recap
  3. Vinnies’ Vans
  4. Mission & Legacy


The two videos used in the Keynote Presentation by Leo Tucker can be viewed here:

Jesus and the Outcast Woman at the Well (
Parable of the Talents ( 

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