As members and volunteers we continue the good works started by Frederic Ozanam over two centuries ago. Like Frederic and his companions, we are guided by our Christian values and the inspiration of St Vincent de Paul. As a lay Catholic organisation, our good works are based on an enriching heritage of living our Christian faith in service of others.

The Society’s Code of Conduct is informed by our Mission, Vision, Aspiration and our Key Values:

The Code of Conduct puts these values into practice: it lays out shared standards and workplace behaviours that are expected of all Society members, volunteers and employees in everything we do.

The Code of Conduct reflects our commitment to working together to promote a professional and accountable work environment that promotes and emphasises transparency, respect and integrity.

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Code of Conduct training

The Society has developed a Code of Conduct e-learning and virtual learning module. All existing and new members, volunteers and employees are required to complete either the e-learning or virtual learning module. The e-learning module is currently available on the Vinnies Learning Centre. The online module has a group session version that can be delivered by local learning champions. Group sessions may take longer than the online learning.

Existing members are only required to read and understand the Code. Regions should make sure that Conference Presidents have the resources they need to facilitate reading and discussion of the Code of Conduct at Conference meetings.

Code of Conduct – Easy Read

To ensure that this important document is accessible to all our members, volunteers and employees, the Code of Conduct is also available in an Easy Read format, which is easy to understand and uses pictures to explain the meaning of the text.

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