Join our Board Committees!

Members volunteer their time to support the work of the Society of St Vincent de Paul in so many ways. While Conference work – supporting people in need and accompanying them on their journeys – is central to the Society’s mission, many Members also contribute their time, skills and experience to guide the Society’s work through our governance structures. 

Robust governance is critical to ensure any organisation achieves its objectives. Governing bodies help establish an organisation’s direction, and ensure it stays on track and manages any risks that may prevent it from achieving what it has set out to do. 

In NSW, the Board of the St Vincent de Paul Society is supported by several committees, which help ensure a broad range of skills and perspectives inform our governance processes and decision-making.  

If you are interested in using your experience to contribute to a governance role, participation on a committee is an excellent way to start. We are currently establishing a talent pool of members interested in joining our Board Committees as opportunities arise.  

In particular, we are looking for people with skills and experience in areas as diverse as: 

  • retail 
  • the management of government grants 
  • human resources 
  • risk management  
  • privacy 
  • clinical care (including the delivery of social care services) 

If you would like to submit an Expression of Interest to be included in our talent pool and alerted to current and future opportunities, please contact for more information.  

We value diversity and encourage members from all backgrounds to consider if they may wish to contribute to the Society in this way. 

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