Regional Council and Conference Presidents’ Resources

Regional Council and Conference Presidents’ Resources 

The Society has created a New Conference President’s Induction Workshop and refreshed the Conference Presidents’ Resource Toolkit. This work was member-led from inception to final product. The Toolkit remains a guide to administrative and governance decisions for all Conference Presidents.  

New Conference Presidents’ Induction Workshop 

The Workshop is constituted by PowerPoint slides and a Learner Workbook which inducts new Conference Presidents into their role. The Powerpoint slides explain: 

  • The state-wide organisational structure of the Society, in greater detail. 
  • The local organisational context of their role and their primary internal local contacts.  
  • Strategic priorities of the Society approved by their State Council. 

Strategic priorities covered in the Workshop include: 

  • Member recruitment responses to changes in society, which is now less religious. 
  • Member youth and young adult recruitment priorities. 
  • Different models of Conference and member engagement in Society good works. 
  • Member opportunities to develop transferrable leadership skills. 
  • Inclusion of First Nations peoples, people with a disability and other diverse groups. 
  • Building a more just and equitable society through social justice advocacy. 

The Learner Workbook contains discussion questions and follow-up exercises for new Conference Presidents to complete, choosing exercises that most resonate with them and which are most relevant to the local context. In this way, they can craft an individualised learning experience.  

Regional Presidents can facilitate the Workshop, nominate a member to do so on their behalf or may the Member Learning and Development Coordinator, who is based at the State Support Office in Lewisham, NSW, to deliver the PowerPoint Slides. 

Conference Presidents’ Resource Toolkit 

The Toolkit has been updated. It contains guidelines on administrative and governance aspects of being a Conference President. Regional Presidents may use it to mentor new Conference Presidents during and after their induction. It is also designed to support existing Conference Presidents. 

Enquiries about the New Conference Presidents’ Induction Workshop: ; and Enquiries about the Conference Presidents’ Resource Toolkit: 

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