Vinnies Makes Waves at O-Week 2024: A Record-Breaking Engagement

For university students, O-Week signifies more than just an introduction to academic life; it’s a bustling period filled with opportunities to forge connections, explore club activities, and identify like-minded peers. Recognising this, Vinnies had a significant presence across major university campuses throughout February and March, aiming to seize students’ enthusiasm and introduce them to the myriad ways they could get involved in the many good works of the Society.  

The results were nothing short of remarkable. With over 4,500 expressions of interest in membership and volunteering, the Society achieved a record level of engagement at O-Week, marking a significant milestone in our youth engagement efforts. Central to this success was the dynamic approach taken at Vinnies stalls, where staff members provided support while youth members and university students led peer-to-peer discussions, facilitating authentic engagement and connection.  

Vinnies made its mark at 17 different O-Week events spanning 12 universities across the region. From Australian Catholic University to Western Sydney University, Vinnies showcased its commitment to community service and youth empowerment.   

Looking ahead, the Society’s university and young adult conferences are poised to continue their impactful work throughout 2024, delivering programs such as Buddies Days, Home Visitations, Sleep Outs, Fundraising, and more, all aimed at serving and supporting people needing a ‘hand up.’

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