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Introducing ‘Good Works’ – our new Membership newsletter

Good Works Newsletter 2 – May- June 2021

Good Works Newsletter 1 – March-April 2021

Guide to contributing to 'Good Works'

We hope this short Q&A will explain the project, and assist you in making contributions.

Q: Will Good Works replace any existing newsletters or updates produced by individual or regional Conferences?

A: This is not the intention. Rather we feel that stories (and photos) that are currently only shared locally can often have statewide interest, and make interesting items in a newsletter with a wider audience.

Q: What about material that is already posted to the MAVS website?
A: As above, many things take place that will be of interest to Members in other, often distant locations. Sharing stories, experiences and opinions is a key aim of ‘Good Works’. It is a forum offering the opportunity to exchange news about the many things that Vincentians are involved with.

Q: How and what kinds of stories can be submitted for publication?

A: We are not expecting Members to become journalists, although some may well have worked in the media. We have an experienced journalist and editor from the Marketing & Communications unit who is taking on the role of collating the contributions and editing them on the page, along with supporting photos.

However, it would be appreciated if material can be presented in a succinct way, even as dot points, with a short summary of the main message/s of the item. A contact phone number and email address will enable follow-up should more information be needed to flesh out a story, or other people need to be contacted for further background or quotes.

When you submit a finished story, please keep the length to under 500 words, and appreciate that any submission may be edited for length or style.

Photos can submitted from digital cameras or phones, but please try to send high-resolution (or ‘large’) images that are well lit and in clear focus. Add to your message the names and titles of those in the photos, indicating their position (left to right, etc).

Informed Consent

In accordance with Society policy, anyone portrayed in photos will need to provide written consent, even though ‘Good Works’ is an internal publication, not a public media outlet.

If under-age children are involved, signed consent will need to be received from their parents or guardians. Although schools are accustomed to this protocol, separate forms authorising the Society to use photos (which also go on our website, so are publicly viewable) must also be obtained.

The Media Consent form can be downloaded from  Please scan and return forms to the Good Works email address below.


Q: What kinds of stories would be of interest?

A: These could be as many and varied as the Society’s activities, but may include –

  • Changes and milestones in Conference personnel – new Presidents, long service awards, ‘big’ birthdays.
  • Conferences engaging in community support activities – new services being developed and opened, scholarships funded, links with local businesses, Christmas hampers being prepared and presented.
  • Conference and Regional meetings – Members coming together to discuss important issues.
  • Members receiving broader recognition, e.g. Orders of Australia, service awards.

The potential list is long, and if you’d like to discuss any stories in advance please feel free to contact the editor Robin Osborne on 0409  984 488 or

Q: How can you contribute stories, story suggestions and photos?

A: The email address for submitting material to ‘Good Works’ is


Thank you for helping to make ‘Good Works’ a success, not just for our Members but across the whole Society.



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