The Safety and Wellbeing Team are a support and advisory partner to all areas of the Society and we strive to provide workable and fit for purpose solutions to ensure we have the safest work environments possible for our people.

The team are building a profile under the ‘VINNIES Safe Works’ brand to promote safety and wellbeing and build strong relationships, trust and support within the Society.

Our focus is the development and delivery of centralised processes, systems and resources that are simplistic yet compliant to better equip and build the capability of our business partners.


Safe Work Month - October 2020

National Safe Work Month

October 2020

Working together for health and safety this October

Each day in Australia, people go to work, just like any other day. Last year, as a result of workplace incidents, 180 Australians never returned home. Over 100,000 others sustained an injury or illness at work that will have a lifetime impact on them and their families.

Safe Work Australia dedicates each October to National Safe Work Month to campaign and focus on safety at work.  This year, we are asked to reflect and consider:

  • The wide-reaching impacts of COVID-19 on Australian businesses and workers
  • ​​​​​​​Mental health, in particular the effects of COVID-19 on all workers

Workplaces, including ours, have had to quickly adapt their practices and procedures to reduce the WHS risks arising from COVID-19.  More than ever we need to look out for each other; to raise awareness of safety at work and to be safety advocates in our respective workplaces.

The Society’s commitment to Workplace Health and Safety is reflected in the work undertaken to continually look for ways to improve our response to safety issues as they arise.  This October, we’re asking you to help promote Safe Work Month, to raise awareness of safety in your workplace and to participate in the safety initiatives being brought to you by the WHS Vinnies Safe Works team.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Here is how you can start to make a difference:

  • Post your safety initiatives on Workplace  #safetytogether, or send via email to
  • Watch for new resources and links to information that will be added throughout October.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Safe Work Month Program – Week 1 – Commencing 01 October 2020

Incident Reporting

Incident & Hazard Reporting

The WHS Report Form, FM07, is to be used for all incidents involving an employee, contractor, volunteer, member or visitor.

To complete the FM07 form and process, please: 

  1. Download the FM07 form;
  2. Complete– use the “copy to” function to ensure that all of your edits to the form are saved.
  3. Forward -Once completed and saved, please forward to within 24 hours of an incident occurring.
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