The St Vincent de Paul Society NSW is inspired by its work with people in need to seek justice for them in our communities.

We provide immediate support and build trusting relationships with the people we serve. This trust helps us to uncover the causes of disadvantage and offer a hand up to people in need.

Building on the legacy of the St Vincent de Paul Society’s founder, Frederic Ozanam, we also speak out against social injustice. A leading thinker and social activist, Frederic fought for social rights such as the right for a natural wage covering all necessities of life, and for a just distribution of wealth amongst citizens.

Today, we continue to raise our voice, with the people we assist, to challenge the circumstances that stop people from enjoying the full life they, with us, should enjoy.

Currently, Vinnies NSW social justice work focuses on:

We also support our First Nations Peoples’ Uluru Statement from the Heart, and work towards equity under the guidance of our Reconciliation Action Plan.

Within these focus areas, our current major campaign, Build Homes, Build Hope, calls on the NSW Government to build 5,000 additional social housing dwellings every year for the next ten years, so that everyone in our community has a place to call home.

No matter your experience, location or availability, we have meaningful ways for you to get involved in social justice advocacy:

  1. Join our Statewide Social Justice Network – Our network is a community of people committed to building a more just and compassionate NSW. Together, we take actions like collecting signatures for petitions, visiting our MPs, and hosting community events.
  2. Join your local social justice network – Local networks are opportunities for Society people to connect with others in their area, support the local implementation of campaigns, and to identify, discuss and respond to social justice issues locally. We currently have social justice networks in Broken Bay and Parramatta diocese. Email us for more information about an existing network, or if you are interested in being part of a new network in your area.
  3. Become a Social Justice Representative – Social Justice Representatives at the Conference, Regional and Central Council levels work together to build empowered communities who speak up and advocate for change. If you are interested in becoming a representative, read the role description, and email us to connect with existing representatives in your area.
  4. Attend an event – Our regular social justice events provide opportunities for our members, volunteers, employees and supporters to come together to engage on key social justice issues. While physical distancing restrictions are in place, our events will take place online.
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